Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wind and Water Loss

Windy days early in the Spring can sometimes be interpreted as a leak in your swimming pool liner. 
Monday 3/28/2016
Water level 2 days later: 
Wednesday 3/30/2016
So upon closer inspection, you can see there is about a inch water loss...IN JUST TWO DAYS!
Read more about how to perform a "bucket test" to verify if you have a leak in your vinyl liner.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Early Bird Catches The POOL!

If you know you want a pool this year, please don't hesitate! Every year shoppers think they can wait until May or June to make that decision.... along with everyone else! We offer special discounts and savings to those who decide early, come see us or call 618-529-3200 for more information. Ask for David, Sonnia, Brandon or Mark! Open Mon - Fri 9-6 Sat 9-5

Swimming pool season is going to BIG, BIG, BIG this year! 

Our installation is list is growing everyday. 

Lots of shoppers and lots of phone calls. 

But then again, there is NOTHING unusual about this! 

For over 37 years, many people begin shopping and purchasing late in February, March and early April for their new swimming pool. 

Why buy "so early"? 

1. It costs less to buy early. As owner's of the business we have bills to pay. When it is cold outside and most people aren't thinking about swimming, prices are lower. (Because we have bills to pay and we are very receptive to offers that pool shoppers make!) When the sun is shining and the temperatures (and humidity) starts to rise... so do the prices! 

In addition: We stock a wide variety of above ground pools, so the selection is great. We also get special discounts for giant shipment of pools we receive. If we have to order a pool for you, it will cost you more. 
We have a super-professional, multi-tasking staff that listens and guides you through the shopping process. Never pushy, always friendly! They will take as long as you need to answer your questions.
When that heat kicks in and everybody is thinking new pool, open pool, new pool liner, etc... It can become like shopping on Christmas Eve at the Mall. We simply can spend the ultimate amount of time with you in March or April! 

2. You will have the longest possible swimming season. Early birds know that being ready early for summer is the wise thing do. In southern Illinois, we can have 90 degree temperature the first week of May. Guess where everybody else is going to be the first week of May if they haven't purchased their pool yet? Purchasing the first week of May can mean your pool won't be installed until the first week of June. 

3. You can prepare the area around your newly installed pool. If you were planning on adding a deck or pouring a patio, you can complete this before it's time to actually start swimming. Wouldn't you rather be swimming instead of working around the pool when things begin to heat up?
You can plan and budget and make better choices when you aren't in a hurry to finish that landscaping or decking. Your yard will look so much better with grass instead of mud around your new pool when those friends come to check out your new awesome pool.

So who's for less stress and not feeling rushed into making a big decision?

Your pool is going to be there for many, many years... hopefully like most of PoolCo customers, for as much as twenty or more years. So why not get the best possible pool at the best possible price?

There are many more plusses for planning and preparing and installing your new pool ahead of EVERYONE ELSE!

Deck builders get backed up too! If you start early, they have more time early in the spring to give you. BTW - anybody that can build a deck or pool for you with just a week wait in May or June, is probably someone you really don't want to do business with!

Having it up and operating a few weeks early doesn't cost but a few dollars more.

When you start early, you also have more time to learn how easy it is to take care of your new pool.

3 STEPS once a week pool care so easy!

You can attend our annual Pool School BEFORE your pool is installed. We can show you the differences in pool care that we offer, so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Water testing is always FREE at PoolCo in Carbondale.

Our staff is friendly and helpful.
Our staff is knowledgeable.

We are here to help you enjoy the best swimming pool experience possible.

Others promise. We deliver.

Keeping our promises for over 37 years! 

Thursday, March 10, 2016


DreamMaker Spas are the simple, affordable, durable way to enjoy a tranquil spa getaway steps from your home.

Engineered for efficiency.
Powerful Hydrotherapy
Jet placement and design
Patented spa cover.
Easy to clean and maintain.
A wide variety of models.
Three spa color choices.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Now that your pool has been properly closed, please do not totally forget about it ! 

Your cover will last longer and your pool will open up with less problems in the spring.

Monthly or after heavy rain/ melting snow or ice follow the instructions below for best results.

Periodically check your cover cable to make sure that it is tight. If the cable becomes loose, the cover might start to slip into the pool.

Check your air pillow to make sure that it still has air in it.

If you see it starting to go flat, get another one and slip it under the cover and blow it up. Remember, the air pillow is not in the pool to keep rain water off the cover ! It is there to keep your pool walls from splitting if the water in the pool freezes and expands. The pillow doesn't have to be in the center of the pool or 100% inflated.

Pump (or siphon) the rain water off the cover a few times throughout the winter.

Remove any leaf accumulation that may occur on the cover.
Excess water and leaf weight can cause undue stress on the cover and could cause the cover to rip or fall in. Excess water and leaf weight can also cause the pool to collapse inward! Check the water level in the pool every month. A slow leak in the liner could cause you to lose a lot of water from the pool. (Good news! There are other reasons for water loss. See below.*) If you notice the water level dropping, simply refill with a hose and keep it as high as possible to prevent damage to the cover, liner and walls.

If you notice part of the cover falling into the pool, pull it up and properly reset it right away to prevent damage.

(If you use water tubes to hold cover down on a partial deck area.) Make sure you replace any water tubes that break over the winter. It is a good idea to have a few extra tubes handy so that you can replace them as needed. Remember, the tubes not only hold the cover on the pool, but also prevent wind from blowing the cover up. Any areas that are not properly covered with tubes could cause the cover to fall in or blow up. Do not use patio blocks, bricks, flower pots, or other heavy items to keep your cover in place. If the cover starts to fall into the pool, it could drag any of those objects into the pool causing massive damage to the pool cover and/or liner.

* There are many reasons why the water level in the pool can go down.

In Season: 

1. Typically in September, when night temperatures drop and are lower than the temperature of the pool water – evaporation happens.  Example: The steam you see rising off your pool in the morning is water loss.

2. Windy days will cause water loss.

3. Leaving one end of vacuum hose or garden hose in the pool and the other end out of the pool can create a siphon.

4. An actual leak – either in the liner or in the equipment.

The best way to verify whether or not you have an actual leak is to do the “bucket test”.
Come see us for details on how to do the bucket test.

Out of Season:

Good News! The chance of leak developing after you cover the pool is about ZERO! If you had no problems with a leak last summer before you closed the pool, your water loss is simply water displacement.  Rain/snow/ice on top of the cover is pushing down on the water under the cover. The pool water under the cover is pushed out of the narrow gap between the top of the pool wall and under the top seat. It’s not something you will likely be able to see happening. But it happens. To prevent water displacement, keep all but 2-3 inches of water off the top of the pool cover.

IMPORTANT- if you lose a lot of water under the cover you must refill the pool under the cover to prevent any damage to your pool – especially if it is in the ground or partially in the ground. The heavy wet earth around your pool will push in on your pool.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why a Hot Tub? FEEL YOUNGER!

Water has it's own healing properties.

Who doesn't want that?  

Anyone who owns a hot tub can testify to the benefits of enjoying regular mini soaks.

But what if you learned there is scientific evidence that proves using a hot tub ACTUALLY slows the aging process down?


 " Our bodies are constantly trying to seek a physiological balance point called homeostasis. This state preserves optimum function despite changes in position, activity, stress, aging or disease. The effort to find homeostasis is what propels most of the functional adaptations that occur during immersion in water, with some changes being immediate and others only after a period of time. Like many adaptations, a cascade of other physiological changes occur, some sequentially and some concurrently.

Here’s how it works: Because water compresses the body, it pushes blood into the deep vessels during immersion. As the bather steps into deeper water, blood is pushed upward, first into the large capacity vessels of the pelvis and abdomen. Then as depth increases yet further, blood is pushed above the diaphragm into the chest. With neck depth immersion, nearly three-quarters of a quart of blood is displaced, with two-thirds of it going into large pulmonary vessels and one-third into the heart."

Bruce E. Becker, MD, MS

Discover more about water's healing properties. 

Visit Dr. Becker's site.

Visit our website to learn more about pools and hot tubs 

How to Save Money with EASY Weekly Filter Maintenance

What is the procedure to clean my filter cartridge (s)?
and HOW OFTEN should I clean my filter cartridge (s)?
How does this save me money?

1) Remove the cartridge from the filter housing following the manufacturer’s instructions

2) Use a garden hose with a straight flow nozzle to wash down the filter element. Work from the top down, holding the nozzle at a 45 degree angle, and wash all the pleats with emphasis between the pleats.

3) Rinse until all dirt and debris is gone

4) For all spa cartridges and elements used in swimming pools where perspiration, suntan lotions, and other oils are present, dilute in water and SOAK the element for at least one hour (overnight is most effective) or SPRAY ON and rinse 15 minutes later (shorter time because it's concentrated)

BioGuard Filter Cleaner

5) THOROUGHLY Rinse the cartridge again to remove oils and cleaning solution.

6) Allow it to air dry before using again. We recommend that you have an extra filter on hand and rotate them.

More details here...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

When Should I Open My Pool?

For 35 years we have been helping pool and hot tub owners with their concerns and questions.
Bring us a 16 ounce sample of your water for a free computerized PROFESSIONAL analysis.

Pool and hot tub care is so easy with PoolCo and BioGuard. Fun too with the Friendly Carvells!

Open Your Pool - Step by step details.... Read More!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Innovative FiberCor™ A Breakthrough in Hot Tub Insulation

Innovative FiberCor™ insulation fills your Hot Spot cabinet completely to fully insulate your spa.

FiberCor is applied at a 2 lb. density level – which is 4-times greater than that 1/2 lb. foam used in most spas – to maximize energy efficiency and lower operating costs. 

No links to the petroleum industry. FiberCor has the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. It’s entirely reusable, easily disposable and made from 25% recycled materials. 

Mold and Mildew resistant. 

No special disposal requirements.

All Hot Spot spas have been certified to the stringent energy efficiency guidelines set by the California Energy Commission (CEC), as well as to the national standard, APSP 14.

Watkins Manufacturing, the makers of Hot Spot and Limelight Spas, identified an alternative material that would increase the products efficiency and be better for the environment at the same time.  The product is called FiberCor and it is completely new to the industry.

What you need to know is that Fibercor is a fiber like wool that has some very smart characteristics. First of all, because of its composition when applied into the spa it gives a very even dispersion of insulation throughout the entire cabinet. Secondly, Fibercor is a loose fiber it can actually fill virtually every void and gap, as well as tough to reach plumbing area or corner. Thirdly, it is even being applied at a denser level then our previous insulation, which results in even lower operating costs.  So even dispersion, fills voids and gaps, higher density, means lower operating costs.

Fibercor has no link to petroleum, which means its a very clean product to use and reuse.  Infact its being made from 25% recycled content.  Fibercor is also not a product in short supply.  It’s mildew and mold resistant.  There is no VOC emissions and no special disposal requirement.  It’s just a clean smart solution that’s good for the wallet and good for the environment.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your Hot Spot spa is designed to keep operating costs low no matter where you live.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Don't Wait Too Late to Prepare Your Pool for Summer Fun

Winterizing chemicals only last through the winter! 

As temperatures rise in the spring, the water under the pool cover begins to heat up. Even though the pool is not exposed to the sun, the warm water under the cover begins to encourage the growth of bacteria, water molds and algae. Very quickly, any traces of sanitizing chemicals left in the water disappear as they react with the growing organisms. This leaves the pool water unprotected. This has now become the perfect environment for bacteria, water molds and algae to grow and multiply very rapidly.

Problems always cost more than prevention!

Some pool owners think they are saving money by waiting until the end of May or early June to uncover and begin operating their pool for summer. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Consider the following, CHEMICALLY, you would need:

For a really green 10,000 gallon pool, you would need, on the average at least 10 lbs (usually much more) of a superchlorinating product, a bottle of flocculant, a bottle of stronger-more costly algaecide to fix the problem.

For the same sized pool, opened 4 weeks earlier, you would need on the average 1lbs of superchlorinating product per week, 2-3 Smart Sticks per week, 3 ounces of algaecide per week.

Not factored into the first scenario above...YOUR TIME and TROUBLE!

BELOW: Steps to open your above ground pool: (For a personal prescription and friendly advice, bring us a water sample! We will tailor your opening to your needs.)

Plan to attend Pool School at POOLCO!

Clean the cover with BioGuard StowAway (or it WILL SMELL really, really bad next fall when you need to winterize your pool!) Do yourself a favor and dispose of any cover that has developed pinholes from the cover fabric pulling apart (or you will be pumping pool water from under the cover next spring when you open the pool....)

Tighten all hose connections -  SUPER TIGHT! 
Tighten connections
The manufacture of flexible filter system connection hose recommends changing these annually. 

Biofilms develop inside the hoses that will require additional chemical treatment. 

In addition to this, the sun is very harsh and drying on the plastic. The bend in the hose can crack and then leak (and unwanted "fountain"...)

Remove skimmer plate.
How high is the water level? If there is enough water added to the pool - and the water is clear (you can easily see the bottom) - then beginning running the filter system.

Immediately test and chemically treat the pool water.  Winterizing chemicals are often used up by end of April, sometimes sooner, if winter and spring temperatures were above average.

Bring a sample of water (16 ounce) to POOLCO for a complete water analysis. We will make opening dosage recommendations and customize your instructions based on your pool's needs, your budget and your time!

Run the filter 24 hours a day for several days until the water clarity and chemical balance are perfect! Then you may reduce filter time to 8 - 12 hours per day (with the use of a timer - or you WILL forget to run filter!)

** If there is a layer of fine dirt (or worse) on the bottom of the pool you must remove this from the pool. Come see us with a water sample for how to best handle this situation.

Our friendly advice is always free!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to Buy a Hot Tub from Your Couch

We are only a phone call, text message, chat away...

Relax, shopping for a hot tub is fun and easy at PoolCo.

Due to the number of brands, products, features and options available, choosing the right hot tub can be an overwhelming process.

Our friendly staff is happy to help you find the right hot tub at the right price for you.

Shop on your schedule and in your shopping style.

Smart Shoppers love us! Intelligent shoppers know that a little detective work before buying will actually save them money in either the purchase price or repair savings. 

Price is important, but it's only a part of the whole story. Sharing what makes a hot tub a great value takes longer than 30 seconds.

  • Decide how much you can and should spend to get the best value. Remember that the cheapest buy is not always the smartest buy. Quality goes a long way.
  • How do you see yourself using this product?  Will this product live up to your expectations?
  • Develop a checklist of what features will be the most important to you. List them from most to least important. Next to each feature, briefly explain why that feature it is important to you.   

Monday, January 28, 2013

Custom Installation Guide - FREE!

28-page Custom Installation Guide by Hot Spring hot tubs provides you with  information on recessing your Hot Spring spa in a deck, patio or other landscape elements.

Also included:

Installation considerations such as spa orientation, location of electrical connections, access to equipment compartment and plumbing, and drainage 

Proper preparation for your spa installation, maintenance and usage

Tips on incorporating Hot Spring SpaStone Surrounds into your design, or the application of an alternate exterior covering to your spa that coordinates with your outdoor setting

An installation checklist

Spa stone surround in gray